News | 17.01.2022

This year marks our 25th year in business, so we thought we were in need of a much needed facelift to celebrate the big birthday.

We’re excited to share our brand refresh with you, as well as our new website:

We designed our Agility Management System software in 1996 to focus on removing the sunk costs of QHSE by offering improved performance while strengthening compliance.

Fast forward to today, many more companies are recognising the combination of these core elements, and the flexibility that provides the framework for efficiency.

With the urgency of climate change, the Agility System software has been designed to guide the workforce, regardless of their location to deliver their work practises efficiently, safely and sustainably.

The process approach of the IMS has transformed how businesses operate in today’s world, and we’re proud to have been the pioneers of this concept since the mid 90’s. Bring on the next 25!