Agility Workflow

Installed separately or as a bolt-on to turbo charge your Integrated Business Management System. (iBMS)


Replace labour intensive routines with automated

The Workflow software allows you to automate user actions, processes, requests and approvals to maximise efficiency, maintain compliance of all standards and regulations and minimise risk.
Many companies are now recognising the expense and inefficiency of purchasing multiple products within the area of Operations, QHSE & Compliance.  Our integrated approach increases functionality while driving down costs.

Mobile Friendly Apps

Our Apps operate on all browsers, ideal for data gathering in remote locations with low connectivity.

Agility Workflow provides the ability to access data, gather information on Audits, Production Surveys, Risk Assessments and more…

Individual Dashboards to reflect performance

Providing personalised real-time information from a dashboard containing statistics on all activities in numerous formats.  Receive instant information by way of e-mail or text to inform you of organisation-wide incidents.

Drive efficiency into everyday work routines

Benefits include:

Replace manual activities with process automation

Eliminate costly human errors

Drive consistency of delivery

Minimise resources to reduce costs

Minimise risk and guarantee compliance