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Restructuring tired document-centric systems into a digital process framework that removes waste and prioritises core documents.
Identifying key documents & ‘Strategy to Task’ Business Models / Process Overviews to simplify navigation.
Simplifies navigation by designing the top level Business Model, Operational/Delivery Model and Process Overviews that reflects the way the organisation delivers product value to customers.
Structuring the system efficiently, managing administration process & creating governance frameworks.
Optimising Process by removing waste, poor practise & duplication. The Process Maps support the graphical models.
Our ‘lift and shift’ approach is proven to be the most efficient transfer of legacy documents that will save time and reduce costs.

Continued support

In addition to the software upgrades and improvements suggested from the Annual Client Forum, we offer a dedicated Support Portal to track requests and improvement suggestions. Our Business Analysts help guide your staff to seamlessly transform to a process-based framework.

System health check

We offer our clients a System Health Check to ensure Agility’s features and functionality are used efficiently and that the document governance and content standards are being achieved.


The Health Check is an assessment of the key elements of the management system to ensure all features and functionality are operating as planned.


The aim of the Health Check is to identify any inconsistencies and irregularities that are affecting the efficiency of the system.

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