Integrated Management System Software

The Agility System IMS software has been designed to allow your workforce to manage process, documents, risk, and compliance in one integrated system.

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Agility System Dashboard with Business Navigator selected

Manage your organisation with one integrated system

The Agility System is an Integrated Management System (IMS) which integrates all of an organisation’s systems and processes into one centralised framework, with each function aligned to work as a single unit with unified objectives.  The aim is to improve performance across all company sectors while maintaining the variety of compliance demands.


Using our integrated management system software enables your people to access a centralised and flexible document repository, streamline processes, effectively manage all documentation, highlight potential risks and maintain compliance.

Your ISO management system

The Agility System IMS provides organisations with the ability to comply with multiple ISO standards using just one system. Currently, we facilitate our clients to comply with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 4001:2015, ISO 19443, ISO 2700, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 45001.


Due to the flexibility of our system, if we don’t already cover what you’re looking for, we can quickly and easily add it to our simple, secure and sustainable platform.

"The Agility System stood out as it was one of the few systems with a visual process mapping tool at its heart, veering away from the old text-based procedures."
CMS Coordinator

Learn how the Agility System can transform your organisation

An integrated system designed for your workforce

The system improves communication, collaboration & knowledge sharing between disciplines. Designed to guide your people into efficient, safe and cost-effective work practices, and help them understand their individual roles and responsibilities. 

Laptop and Phone screen showing the Agility System dashboard and a process mapping tool

QHSE Modules

Tailored modules in hours, not weeks! The Agility System offers 5 modules initially – audit & CA, NCR, training & competency, HAZOP, and incident management. Each module has performance measured and KPIs reposted automatically. 

Visual swim-lane process maps

Create visual swim lane process maps in minutes and send for approval via automated document review functionality. Quick to build and 10x faster than using Visio or Sharepoint. 

Agility System showing a swim-lane process map
Laptop showing the Agility Workflow automated workflow functionality

Automated workflow

Automated process workflows help remove duplication, reduce paper handling, and maximises process efficiencies in a repeatable, measurable manner, saving costs and guaranteeing compliance.

Mobile friendly, cloud-based access

Access the system anywhere  – from audits, inspections, Incident Reporting, and other QHSE data gathering, the mobile-friendly way to facilitate automatic reporting.

Laptop and Phone screen showing the Agility System dashboard and a process mapping tool

See the Agility System live

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Integrated features

In addition to military-level document security, the Agility System software streamlines visual and automated processes, reduces business risks, maintains compliance and allows you to replace labour intensive routines with automated processes.

Process mapping

The Agility System process mapping tool allows you to replace long-winded text procedures with visual process maps.

Process automation

Drive consistency of delivery and reduce costs by replacing activities that require manual intervention with process automation.

Document management

The Agility System maintains document governance for the full life-cycle of each individual document, process map or graphical model.

Risk management

The Agility System provides the ability to identify and assess risks, allowing the user to introduce mitigating action directly to the discipline involved.

Compliance management

The Agility System compliance navigator provides high levels of transparency by ensuring the demands of ISO, industry and security standards, as well as corporate and regulatory policies, are constantly maintained.

Sustainability initiatives

To support your sustainability initiatives, the environmental impact module allows your organisation to identify the effects on the natural environment due to events or actions made by a project, business or industry.

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