Intuitive User Friendly Learning

After the installation and configuration of the Agility™ System, we ensure our customers in-house staff fully brief on the features and functionality of the software.

Our training courses provide administrators with the skills required to manage the system efficiently and effectively.  The training ranges from having full administration control of the corporate system in addition to providing individual, location specific control of content.

Training image

Our aim is to encourage ownership and awareness by ensuring internal staff are confident and comfortable with all of our features and functionality of the Agility™ System.  Experience has shown that having competent system administrators is crucial to the success of the transformation.

Full system administration allows access to all areas of the system that includes:

  • Designing enterprise-wide structure for corporate & site specific locations
  • Creating graphical Business/Delivery Models & Process Overviews
  • Creating swim lane process maps
  • Managing local/site specific document life-cycle

Document Administration permits secure control of local content for specific sites.

This provides corporate/generic process to be distributed to all regional/remote sites while allowing for specific local content to be provided to users.  Reduce duplication while providing relevant artefacts to where the information is needed.

Key Benefits

  • Training is aimed at non-IT personal but who are familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Administrators manage their own workload
  • Extra support is provided to help new administrators

Ready to Learn More?

We welcome your contact to get your one-to-one demo of Agility™ System with one of our consultants.