Agility System

Agility System enhances three key interlinked parts of your business:

People, Process and Performance.


Enabling your people with stability and transparency through a centralised and flexible document repository, Agility System provides the power to streamline processes, effectively manage all documentation, highlight potential risks and maintain compliance.

Providing your people with this leading integrated management system not only refines processes, but it will significantly amplify organisational excellence and overall business performance. 

Our Solution

The below features of Agility System support the management of your processes, documentation, risk and compliance within a fully Integrated Management System enabling users to streamline business activities and increase efficiency.

Process Optimisation


  • Swim Lane Maps to key contributors, project status, blockers and deadlines.
  • Graphical modellers to clearly define and communciate your deliver model
  • Full support for RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed), helping to inform the right person to make the decision and action, which provides guidance to other team participants who have supporting actions.

Risk Control


  • Build your unique risk profile on Agility System to clarify business area and critical stakeholders to extinguish risk quickly and efficiently

  • Automate awareness to relevant users to drive fast action from your teams

  • Integrated risk control feature, (complying with ISO 9001:2015) highlights within the process what action to mitigate the effects is required to be performed by the discipline(s).

Compliance Management


  • The Compliance Navigator assures regulators, auditors and board members that current statutory compliance and internal operating procedure best practices are accurately deployed, communicated and implemented.

  • The flexible compliance navigator can be tailored by your Business Assurance personnel or administrators and linked to process maps or documents and their activities.

Full Scope Document Management System

The foundation of The Agility System is the fully automated Document Management module: a comprehensible framework that provides a consistent, secure approach to the document life-cycle. The document management capabilities allows you to confidently capture, manage, share and secure information across the company.

Centralised control streamlines folder structures and fragmented document repositories by providing a robust and secure repository for all documents.

Our Document Manager utilises full document lifecycle and allows trained in-house Administrators to automate the creation of each document, configure a sequence of notifications approvers, reviewers and determine document archiving.

Data Protection

The Agility System also offers specialist GDPR software to centralise all actions necessary to control activities and provides the capability to map, visualise and manage the processing of personal data efficiently.

Enterprise Wide Processes

The enterprise-wide feature guides users to access generic or corporate processes that drive a standardised approach to processes across the organisation.

This approach provides focused content based on the user's location and has considerable benefits to staff who work external to the HQ but need up to date process information.

Benefits include:

  • Access site-specific information quickly
  • Increase ownership of content
  • Individual home screens per location reflect site-specific operating model

Getting Started with Agility System

Getting started with Agility System is seamless. We ensure that the system is implemented based on your needs depending on your company size, business focus areas across QHSE, Documentation management, risk control or compliance.

Implementation of Agility System includes:

​1) Consultation: identify your entire business needs across QHSE, documentation management, risk control and compliance. 

​2) Remote training: we prioritise your teams training to get you up and running in a matter of days.

​3) Ongoing support: operational and technical support guides, full access to the client support portal and membership of our collaborative Agility User Group community to share, learn and feedback on development.

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Agility Workflow

The system integrates people, process, documents, risks & compliance to provide a “single source of the truth”