Swim Lane Process Maps

Process maps form the spine of the iBMS and with 24 years of successful projects, Agility™ remains the ideal tool to create sustainable Process Improvement at low cost.

The Agility™ tool helps map processes quickly and therefore cost effectively.

With dynamic links to databases, programs and associated documents as well as RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) all the key information is provided to personnel with the correct instructions.

Business Port Agility System


Encouraging collaboration with team members to engage in process improvement

Simplifying complex procedures to increase understanding

Risk Controls integrated into the process map

Compliance requirements can also be identified to strengthen governance

Multi Standard Compliance Manager links together Compliance requirements from multi standards to controls, policies, processes, procedures & documents.

Simple, quick to create and easy to use! Provides intuitive instructions to the workforce

Standardised approach to help the workforce understand their instructions

Business Port Agility System


Possibly the quickest mapping tool available

Paperless with full audit history (approvers, review date etc…)

Ideal to create processes during live facilitated sessions

Identification of waste and poor work practises reduces costs

Increases ownership and accountability

Raises awareness of compliance obligations

Highlights the current resources used and allows for optimising to reduce costs

Identifies risk mitigation

Collaborative activity encourages team engagement

Improving the visibility of 'who is accountable for what'