Sustainability management

To support your sustainability initiatives, the environmental impact module allows your organisation to identify the effects on the natural environment due to events or actions made by a project, business or industry.

Starting your sustainability journey

Organisations need to amend their operational processes to comply with regulatory standards as failure to do so can result in statutory fines and damage to their reputation.


The Agility System sustainability management features allows for regular revisions and reviews of your organisations environmental impact record when required, allowing mitigation of potential penalties.

Environmental impact module

This module allows you to identify, track, and manage your organisation’s environmental impacts either on the desktop or via the mobile app using the Agility System.


Being location independent, data can be gathered in remote locations and uploaded into the module once connected to the network. 


Ideal for remote information gathering exercises (Auditing, Safety Inspections, On-site assessments and more)


This offers flexibility to record environmental impact assessments in real-time, allowing uploading data once connected to the network.

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Measure performance

Data gathered on the environmental impacts also supports ESG performance by providing transparency with stakeholders, suppliers, customers, partners, and investors about progress on sustainability goals.


The corrective action functionality of the system allows recording and follow up of any steps required to meet any legal requirements.

Sustainability management FAQ

The management system has now grown from BS5750 in 1980’s to a comprehensive framework that houses not just quality but also health & safety, environment, risk, security, and the myriad of industry specific product regulations.

With climate change now having such prominence in all our lives, businesses must manage the part of the environmental that they effect by developing sustainability initiatives that become part of daily operations. To do this effectively, integrating the controls into the business processes becomes highly effective.

The centralising of the operational guidelines necessary to drive governance, core business delivery and profitability needs to adopt the process approach to simplify the complexity of information. This promotes the following benefits:

  • Improving brand image
  • Reducing cost by increase productivity
  • Compliance to regulation protecting the brand
  • Attracting investors and new employees
  • Reducing waste and improving process efficiency
  • Sustainability can benefit the `bottom line`

Managing the environmental impact is a fundamental element within the sustainability strategy.

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