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Melissa E.
Mechanical Engineering
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Process Maps are a much simpler way to show our processes and for others to understand how they fit in to that process, giving clear roles and responsibilities. Great tool for new starters too.
Sallyann H.
Railroad Manufacturer
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Agility is reliable, control's our documents using manual and automatic workflows. Ensure that we meet out ISO:9001 obligations. Auditors are very impressed with the system.
Geraldine H.
Oil & Energy
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My team and I like Agility application. We have to listen to our Leadership and end users, so it is important Agility evolve to align with different company requirements.
Devik S.
Oil & Energy
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Agility system is easy to use, maintain and administrate. We use it as our compliance system to make sure all procedures are published, available and ready to be used for our employees when needed both onshore and offshore
The image is a screenshot from the "Agility System" software, detailing the risk control measures for 'RE-HSE-001: High Pressure Gas Leakage'. The left panel serves as a navigation bar, while the central section provides a comprehensive overview of the risk, including what is affected, the cause, event, and outcome, alongside specific control measures linked to documents such as 'RC-HSE-001: Certificate of Isolation - Rule 1'. The document details planned work and response types, classifying the threat level and specifying controls to mitigate the risk, with associated hazards like escape of high pressure gas and explosive gas release. A risk matrix is displayed at the bottom of the central section, visually representing the severity and probability of risks, with colour coding—red for high, orange for medium, and green for low. On the right-hand side, 'Item Details' include the document number, title, status, administrative owner, keywords, revision history, review dates, and due dates for periodic review. This structured approach suggests a meticulous system for managing health, safety, and environmental risks in a corporate setting.

Inadequate risk detection

Still relying on outdated risk control methods?

  • Direct integration of risk control into your business processes, enhancing real-time decision-making.
  • Utilisation of risk matrices for a comprehensive analysis of potential threats, prioritising them effectively
  • The visual swim lane process maps of the Agility System contain an integrated risk control feature, (complying with ISO 9001:2015) highlighting within the process what action(s) are required from the discipline(s) to mitigate risk

Fragmented risk management processes

Tired of multiple tools for risk management?

  • A single, streamlined system for all processes and their associated risks
  • Enhanced efficiency with integrated risk control tools
  • Clear oversight of all enterprise risks in one place
The image is a screenshot of a document within the "Agility System" software, titled 'RC-HSE-001: Certificate of Isolation - Rule 1'. The document provides a structured approach to isolating equipment for safety purposes, outlining steps such as identifying isolated equipment, the authority responsible, the isolation method, and recording isolation and de-isolation times. It also emphasizes ensuring the quality of the isolation process and making this information available to personnel. The left side of the interface includes a navigation bar for the software's different functions like 'Business Navigator' and 'Compliance Navigator'. The right side panel details the document's attributes, including its number, title, current status, admin owner, and keywords, along with revision history. Below the document description, there is a 'Control Information' section specifying the category as 'Proactive', the type as 'Avoid Risk', and the expected outcome as 'Reduced Likelihood/Probability'. There's also an 'Evidence' section, suggesting that attachments or supporting documents can be linked to this record. This type of system would typically be used in industrial settings to manage and mitigate risks.

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