Risk management and control

The risk management and control features of the Agility System contains the key steps to provide an effective solution that will minimise risk across all processes within your business.

Risk management and control features

Easily identify risks in processes

The visual swim lane process maps of the Agility System contain an integrated risk control feature, (complying with ISO 9001:2015) highlighting within the process what action(s) are required from the discipline(s) to mitigate risk.


This integrated risk control feature provides the disciplines with a high level of visibility and awareness of `who does what where and when`.   

The risk management function of the Agility System showing risk matrix and risk controls.

Increase employee accountability to mitigate risk

The Agility System software can create the alignment between the risks, the process stages and the owners to ensure better risk management:


  • Create and manage risk objectives
  • Create and manage risk controls
  • Create and manage risk matrices
  • Users can manage the risks and their mitigation within the Agility System
  • Risk documents can be updated and made available to all users immediately
"Babcock in Rosyth has worked closely with the Agility System for over a decade now. In that time the company has helped Babcock grow into what is now a FTSE 100 organisation."
Head of Quality

How Babcock transformed from the traditional document-centric system to the process-based approach.

Trusted by top organisations worldwide​

Over 200,000 professionals rely on the Agility System across the globe to help them work efficiently and compliantly. 

Risk management benefits

Streamlined risk mitigation

By providing tools to develop and implement risk mitigation strategies, the Agility System ensures that organisations can proactively address potential threats and reduce their overall exposure to risk.

Real time monitoring and reporting

Our software enables organisations to monitor risk levels in real time, generate reports and create customised dashboards, providing valuable insights for decision-making and facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

Reduced costs

The Agility System integrates risk controls into your core business processes, therefore, reducing the potential for costly incidents, this can lead to significant cost savings for your organisation.

Strengthened reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to robust risk management and control can enhance an organisation’s reputation among customers, partners, and regulators, potentially leading to increased trust and business opportunities.

Enhanced business resilience

Effective risk management and control help organisations anticipate and respond to potential disruptions, bolstering their ability to withstand and recover from adverse events.

Regulatory compliance

Meet industry-specific and general data protection regulations with features like audit trails, retention policies, and security controls.

Risk management FAQ

The integrated risk management and control features of the Agility System are designed to help organisations streamline and automate their risk management processes. It provides tools for risk identification, assessment, mitigation, monitoring, and reporting, allowing organisations to proactively manage their risk landscape.

Any organisation that faces potential risks, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from implementing risk management and control solutions. This includes businesses in sectors such as energy, defence, manufacturing, technology, and the public sector.

By providing a comprehensive and up-to-date view of an organisation’s risk landscape, the Agility System enables informed decision-making that takes potential threats and opportunities into account. This helps organisations make strategic choices that minimise risk and maximise potential gains.

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