Risk Management System

The risk management component of the Agility System contains the key steps to provide an effective solution that will minimise risk across all processes within your business.

Risk Matrix within the Agility System Risk management module

Easily identify risks in processes

The visual swim lane process maps of the Agility System contain an integrated risk control feature, (complying with ISO 9001:2015) highlighting within the process what action(s) are required from the discipline(s) to mitigate risk.

This integrated risk control feature provides the disciplines with a high level of visibility and awareness of `who does what where and when`.   

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Risk control features of the Agility System

The Agility System software can create the alignment between the risks, the process stages and the owners to ensure better risk management:


  • Create and manage risk objectives
  • Create and manage risk controls
  • Create and manage risk matrices
  • Users can manage the risks and their mitigation within the Agility System
  • Risk documents can be updated and made available to all users immediately

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