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The agility system integrated management system software provides the combination of improving process performance while maintaining compliance. Allowing your organisation to effortlessly control process, documents, risk and compliance.

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The agility system improves organisational performance

Our integrated system enables your people to access a centralised and flexible document repository, the system streamlines processes, effectively manages all documentation, highlights potential risks and maintains compliance.

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Features of the agility system software

Allows for information to be delivered to users in a focused manner based on their location, including regions, offices, remote sites, projects and initiatives. 

Tailored modules in hours, not weeks! The agility system offers 5 modules initially – audit & CA, NCR, training & competency, HAZOP, and incident management. Each module has performance measured and KPI’s reposted automatically. 

Create visual swim lane process maps in minutes and send for approval via automated document review functionality. Quick to build and 10x faster than using Visio or Sharepoint. 

Real time performance is achieved through dashboards that can be customised to the organisational KPI’s and departmental objectives to influence decision making. 

Access the agility system everywhere – from audits, inspections, incident reporting, and other QHSE data gathering, our QHSE modules are mobile friendly to facilitate automatic reporting and link to performance dashboards.

Automated process workflows help remove duplication, reduce paper handling, and maximises process efficiencies in a repeatable, measurable manner, saving costs and guaranteeing compliance.

Agility system frequently asked questions

An Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates all of an organisation’s systems and processes into one centralised framework, with each function aligned to work as a single unit with unified objectives.  The aim is to improve performance across all company sectors while maintaining the variety of compliance demands.

The benefits of adopting an IMS are significant, such as:


  • Reducing duplication within multiple standards by harmonising process to standardise work practises
  • Provide greater visibility of all compliance demands across the organisation, improving individual responsibilities, and supporting company governance
  • Improving Accountability: One of the key challenges of Business Assurance professionals
  • Simplifying Bureaucracy by identifying redundant, inefficient compliance related practises
  • Realigning resources from mundane low-level compliance chores to value-adding tasks that improves efficiencies

Basically, any organisation where the existing management system or lack of one is causing performance issues such as staff duplicating work, could benefit from implementing an IMS.  

It’s important to remember that the purpose of an IMS is to help run a better organisation by improving performance while maintaining compliance demands. There are a multitude of sectors and industries that could benefit from implementing an IMS, for example, but not limited to, engineering, defence, transport and energy.

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An integrated system designed for your workforce

  • The system improves communication, collaboration & knowledge sharing between disciplines
  • Designed to guide your people into efficient, safe and cost-effective work practises
  • Helps your employees to understand their individual roles and responsibilities
  • Users can map their processes quickly and effectively increasing accountability and ownership

Trusted by top organisations worldwide​

In excess of 200,000 professionals use the agility system across the globe. 

Getting started with the agility system

See how the agility system software can transform your organisation today

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