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Empower your team with the Agility System’s business process mapping tool that simplifies complex workflows, enhances communication and supports cost reduction by identifying inefficient practices.

Process mapping tool features​

The Agility System process mapping tool helps map processes more quickly and therefore more cost-effectively. It has multiple features and benefits, including, encouraging collaboration with team members to engage in process improvement and simplifying complex procedures to increase understanding.

Swim lane process maps​

The Agility System process maps are produced using swim lane diagrams. This technique lays out the process in a vertical (rather than horizontal) format.


A swim lane process map creates a visual structure for both process workflow and the people, places, and things that interact with them. What used to be hidden in obscure procedures is revealed more comprehensively in a swim lane process mapping session.

A swim lane process map showing the process flow, those involved and the actions they are responsible for

Integrated risk control

Integrated risk controls also exist within the process maps, ensuring compliance requirements can be easily identified to strengthen governance.


Benefits of integrating risk controls in swim lane diagrams:


    • Enhances overall risk management
    • Proactively identifies, assesses, and mitigates risks
    • Creates resilient processes
    • Helps achieve strategic objectives
    • Minimises disruptions and losses


Combine documents with processes

The process mapping functionality of the Agility System allows users to generate process maps or documents to be sent for review and approval using the fully-automated workflow feature. The administration suite also allows review dates to be set as well as versioning and full document history:


  • Document workflow – electronically managing the status of the document from document generation through to the final approval
  • Task lists created around the document management process
  • An effective feedback process from users, Full document reporting functions that can export information to Microsoft Excel and PDF
  • Graphical dashboards feeding real-time performance to document owners

Your guide to business process management and process automation

The introduction of Business Process Management (BPM) provides the ability to discover, design, measure and optimise your processes through automation.

Process mapping benefits

Enhanced process visualisation

Our process mapping tool provides a clear visual representation of complex workflows, making it easier for team members to understand the various tasks, roles, and dependencies involved.

Risk management

By integrating risk control into our process maps our system helps identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in the workflow, enabling your organisations to develop proactive strategies for mitigating these risks.

Effective training tool

Process maps serve as valuable training materials for new employees, helping them understand their roles and responsibilities within your organisation’s workflows.

Continuous improvement

The Agility System’s process maps provide a foundation for regular process reviews and ongoing improvement initiatives, enabling organisations to stay agile and adaptive in the face of change.

Cross-functional collaboration

Swim lane process maps highlight the interconnectedness of various departments, fostering a culture of cross-functional collaboration and reducing siloed thinking.

Standardisation and compliance

By visually representing the organisation’s processes, our swim lane process maps can help ensure that teams adhere to industry standards and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

“Agility is very easy to administer, there’s no messing about! Before, processes were drawn up using spreadsheets and were quite cumbersome, but now we have the Agility mapping tool which is extremely easy to use."
QHSE Manager

How Siemens transformed from the traditional document-centric system to the process-based approach.

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Process mapping FAQ

A swim-lane process mapping tool is a software application created to design and modify visual representations of intricate workflows using swim lane diagrams. These diagrams vividly display tasks, roles, and responsibilities within a process, simplifying the understanding, analysis, and improvement of workflows. By employing a swim lane process mapping tool, your organisation can enhance communication, streamline processes, pinpoint bottlenecks, optimise resource allocation, and encourage cross-functional collaboration.

Absolutely, our swim-lane process mapping tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, making it accessible and straightforward to use for users of all experience levels.

Indeed, our swim-lane process mapping tool supports real-time collaboration, allowing multiple team members to work on the same diagram at the same time. This feature enhances communication and teamwork, enabling users to exchange ideas, provide feedback, and update the process map promptly.

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