Process Mapping Tool

The Agility System process mapping tool supports cost reduction by identifying inefficient practices.

Agility System showing a swim-lane process map

Streamline your business processes

The Agility System process mapping tool helps map processes more quickly and therefore more cost-effectively. It has multiple features and benefits, including, encouraging collaboration with team members to engage in process improvement and simplifying complex procedures to increase understanding.


Integrated risk controls also exist within the process maps, ensuring compliance requirements can be easily identified to strengthen governance.

Swim lane process maps

The Agility System process maps are produced using swim lane diagrams. This technique lays out the process in a vertical (rather than horizontal) format.


A swim lane process map creates a visual structure to both process workflow and the people, places, and things that interact with them. What used to be hidden in obscure procedures is revealed more comprehensively in a swim lane process mapping session.

5 Benefits of using Swim-lane Diagrams

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