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Identifying the environmental impacts of business activities, projects, and other operations using our environmental management system software enables your organisation to implement sustainability initiatives, which will help you achieve ISO 14001 compliance, and avoid potential penalties.

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Integrated environmental impact module

This module allows you to identify, track, and manage your organisation’s environmental impacts on the desktop or via the mobile app using our software.


A better understanding of environmental impacts can assist stakeholders, suppliers, customers, partners, and investors in understanding your organisation’s sustainability performance.

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Why choose us?

Achieve and maintain ISO 14001 certification

Our software is suitable for management systems complying with ISO 14001:2015, as officially verified by external services.


We will help you build an environmental management system that will facilitate the integration of sustainability initiatives into your processes, the management of documentation, the maintenance of compliance, and the automation of labour-intensive routines.

Plant surrounded by a holographic globe with environmental symbols surrounding it

Why choose us?

Real-time ESG reporting and performance measuring

Location-independent data can be gathered in remote locations and uploaded into the module once connected to the network. Ideal for remote information gathering exercises (Auditing, Safety Inspections, On-site assessments and more).


This offers flexibility to record environmental impact assessments in real-time, allowing the uploading of data once connected to the network.

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"It's really important that we have flexibility in how we configure our management system, and how we adapt and future-proof our management system. That's where the Agility software is a big plus for us"
Alan Brash
Quality System Manager

Petrofac gain certification to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 using the Agility System.

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Over 200,000 professionals rely on the Agility System across the globe to help them work efficiently and compliantly. 

Environmental Management Benefits

In addition to military-level document security, our environmental management system software streamlines visual processes, reduces business risks, maintains compliance and allows you to replace labour-intensive routines with automated processes.

Accurately record environmental data

A structured method to collect, store, and analyse environmental impact data. 

Achieve ESG

Ensures employees understand how their actions impact corporate policies and performance outcomes.

Maintain multi-standard compliance

Integrate compliance obligations within processes to simplify the task of complying with external requirements such as ISO certification.

Continuous process improvement

Using the software swim-lane process mapping tool, you will be able to continually identify inefficiencies and improve the processes that are crucial to achieving your environmental goals.

Mitigate risk and streamline audits

Automate risk management processes, with alerts generated to indicate what corrective and preventive action should be taken. Using these alerts, you can conduct compliance audits by finding out what needs to be checked and how often.

Document management

The Agility System maintains document governance for the full life-cycle of each individual document, process map or graphical model.

Environmental management FAQ

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is similar to a safety or quality management system, but it manages the aspects of the organisation’s business which affect the environment.  Like a quality or safety system, it relies on document control, auditing, review, inspection, planning, training and the other basics of a management system.


For organisations operating with an Environmental Management System, some key aspects need to be adopted regarding awareness training for personnel.

There are three primary processes within an Environmental Management System:

  1. Core processes – identifying significant environmental aspects and the environmental impacts of your company
  2. Supporting processes – like awareness of legal requirements, and infrastructure, communicating EMS information for employee competency, and monitoring and evaluating environmental performance
  3. Management system supporting processes – including document control, record keeping and internal auditing.

The key elements of an EMS include:

  • Analysing the environmental impact of your company
  • Reviewing your company’s environmental goals
  • Assessing compliance and/or legal obligations
  • Setting environmental objectives and targets
  • Establishing practices and protocols to achieve those targets
  • Ensuring employees are aware of environmental goals and compliance
  • Reviewing, evaluating and improving the EMS.

The benefits are large and varied depending on the type of company;


  • Assuring customers of commitment to demonstrable environmental management 
  • Maintaining good public/community relations 
  • Satisfying investor criteria and improving access to capital 
  • Maintaining environmental management continuity during employee turnover 
  • Obtaining insurance at a reasonable cost 
  • Enhancing image, market share, and market position 
  • Meeting vendor certification criteria 
  • Increasing profits by improving cost control and reducing the cost of goods sold 
  • Reducing incidents that result in liability 
  • Demonstrating reasonable care 
  • Conserving input materials and energy 
  • Facilitating the attainment of permits and authorisations 
  • Improving industry-government relations

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