Document Management

The Agility System’s fully automated document management functionality provides a clear framework that provides a more consistent, secure approach to the document life-cycle. 

Document management features

In addition to military-level document security, the Agility System document management feature captures, manages, shares and secures information within your organisation. 

Take control of your documents

The Agility System utilises a full document life-cycle from initial development to archive and allows trained in-house Administrators to automate the creation of each document, configure a sequence of notification approval and review, as well as determining document archiving:


  • Document management functionality compliant with ISO standards for Quality, Health, Environmental & Safety
  • Suitable for defence and nuclear clients requiring high-level security for Officially Sensitive documents
  • Our technical team is continuously improving the document security features of our software

Document search functionality

Our document management functionality has built in features to allow users to effortlessly locate the document they are looking for, regardless of how many files are being stored:


  • Highly visible document navigator feature with a tree-structure; provides easy access
  • Powerful full text search functionality to retrieve content of your documents by keyword and also by metadata
  • Ability to create “tagging” information for items which aids the administration, grouping and locating of documents

Combine documents with processes

The process mapping functionality of the Agility System allows users to generate process maps or documents to be sent for review and approval using the fully-automated workflow feature. The administration suite also allows review dates to be set as well as versioning and full document history:


  • Document workflow – electronically managing the status of the document from document generation through to the final approval
  • Task lists created around the document management process
  • An effective feedback process from users, Full document reporting functions that can export information to Microsoft Excel and PDF
  • Graphical dashboards feeding real-time performance to document owners

Streamline Your Document Management: Implementing a Modern Document Management System

Our eBook provides valuable insights and guidance on: how to streamline your workflows, improve collaboration, and ensure compliance by implementing a modern document management system.

Document management benefits

Time and cost savings

 Reduce time spent searching for documents, minimise paper usage, and lower storage costs by transitioning to a digital repository.

Remote access

Access and manage documents from any location with an internet connection, enabling more flexible and efficient working arrangements.

Improved document organisation

Streamline storage and indexing of documents, making it easier to locate and access files when needed.

Workflow automation

Automate document-related tasks, such as approval processes and notifications, to increase efficiency and reduce manual intervention.

Enhanced collaboration

Enable team members to work on documents simultaneously, track changes, and leave comments, promoting efficient teamwork.

Regulatory compliance

Meet industry-specific and general data protection regulations with features like audit trails, retention policies, and security controls.

"Babcock in Rosyth has worked closely with the Agility System for over a decade now. In that time the company has helped Babcock grow into what is now a FTSE 100 organisation."
Head of Quality

How Babcock transformed from the traditional document-centric system to the process-based approach.

Trusted by top organisations worldwide​

Over 200,000 professionals rely on the Agility System across the globe to help them work efficiently and compliantly. 

Document management FAQ

A document management system is a system which provides the functionality needed to capture, manage, share, and secure information within the company; users do this electronically, therefore reducing paper usage and document inefficiency.

Strong document management processes ensure everyone in your organisation, regardless of the department or team, knows exactly where a document is housed, which stage it’s at in the review process, what still needs to be added, and whether any discourse actions might be needed. This ultimately improves business process and performance.

The Agility System is designed with a user-friendly interface and offers powerful features, such as allowing businesses to configure document workflows, advanced search capabilities, and seamless integration with popular business tools. It is built to support organisations of various sizes and industries in streamlining their document management processes and enhancing collaboration among team members.

The Agility System is designed to help businesses comply with various data protection and industry-specific regulations. It offers features such as audit trails, retention policy management, and security controls that enable organisations to demonstrate their adherence to legal requirements and industry standards, such as those set out by ISO 9001:2015.

Yes, the Agility System operates from the cloud , enabling users to access, manage, and collaborate on documents from anywhere, anytime. The cloud functionality provides secure access to the system, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected even on the go.

Agility System offers comprehensive support options, including an extensive user manual, video tutorials, and access to a dedicated help desk support team. Users can reach the support team via email.

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