Compliance Management System

The Agility System compliance management component provides regulators, auditors and employees with the highest level of transparency that all statutory requirements are being addressed.

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Providing confidence in compliance

In today’s business organisation, the need to manage the expanding range of compliance requirements can bring on a bureaucratic headache. The results from our surveys with QHSE professionals highlighted the need to simplify the bludgeoning complexity of compliance by utilising a more practical method to reduce the stress of managing compliance demands, while reducing the resource-hungry costs significantly.

To simplify the complexity of the compliance landscape, we designed a flexible compliance navigator integrated within the Agility System that allowed Business Assurance staff to identify the documents and processes that addresses each individual requirement.

This powerful feature provides all stakeholders with a helicopter view of your compliance requirements while having the ability to drill into the detail of responsibilities, actioners and verification records. Traditionally compliance is viewed as a cost-sink, however, our innovative approach is proven to simplify compliance while reducing costs of maintenance.

Features of the compliance navigator

The compliance navigator enables documents and processes to be linked to individual requirements of each standard or regulation regardless of industry vertical.

Other features include:


  • Providing a centralised framework used to control multiple complex standards & regulatory compliance
  • Easily highlight compliance risks through integrated processes
  • Improve business performance and decision-making through a unified and real-time view of the organisation’s compliance status
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Benefits of the compliance navigator

Our multi‐standard compliance navigator links together compliance requirements from multi standards to:


  • Provide greater visibility of regulatory compliance requirements and simplifies ongoing management of obligation
  • Reduce the costs of regulatory compliance by centralising all requirements
  • Help prevent reputational damage and financial penalties due to non-compliance
  • Easily demonstrate the maturity of your compliance to regulators and certifying bodies by adopting a structured and sustainable approach to management of all compliance demands

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