Business process automation

The Agility Workflow software assists in replacing activities that require manual intervention with process automation. Allowing your business to eliminate human errors, drive consistency of delivery and minimise resources to reduce costs.

Automate business processes

Automating processes can lead to numerous business improvements in more than just an industrial setting. This can be applied to any business process where measurable information is or can be captured. This can be applied to other areas such as new hire training or invoice processing.

Process automation software, such as Agility Workflow, also saves time and money on administrative tasks by eliminating the need to maintain unreliable paper records and shift them from one point to the next until they’re eventually collected for labour-intensive data entry. With computer software, this process is entirely digital and performed automatically.


Improve business efficiency

Our process automation software enables companies to save time and reduce costs by removing inefficient work practices, paper handling and duplication.

Process automation can help to provide continuous improvement in any area of your business, such as accounting, contract management, marketing, and more.

Manually generated alerts and paper forms can be replaced with automated controls that integrate processes and functions throughout the organisation into a more easily managed inter-linked system.

Simple system integration

With process forming such a major part of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, there is now recognition that delivering maximum operational performance is a priority.

If your management system requires restructuring, the functionality of the Agility Workflow will support linking to external information, creating performance dashboards and generating automated processes.

Other workflow features include:

  • Flexible and fast integration and deployment
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Remote access via mobile technology
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Built-in tool for analytics and reporting

Agility Workflow solutions

The Agility Workflow contains business process management functionality that will streamline your processes, increase workforce efficiency, reduce costs & improve delivery of service to your customers.

Business process automation FAQ

Process Automation is basically where computer software is used to help monitor and refine business processes. It is still common that business managers physically gather information on performance metrics, costs, quality, maintenance, labour, and output from a variety of sources such as emails, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.

It is then necessary to evaluate this information to find the most effective operating conditions for the best results. This could be a complex and prolonged process that might be impacted by any significant change to the business environment. Then the whole process would have to be repeated. Before process automation, this was an inefficient and unreliable way of controlling costs and outcomes.

Process automation has many business related benefits and advantages: 


  • Processes can be streamlined by reducing the menial, human-centric tasks that are repetitive and time consuming
  • Improved operational visibility promotes continuous improvement
  • Automation removes human errors and delivers to a consistent standard
  • Employee accountability is enhanced, risks are lowered and compliance obligations are consistently met 

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