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screenshot of a digital interface from the "Agility System", specifically designed for small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) business management. On the left-hand side, there's a navigation bar with options like "Business Navigator", "Compliance Navigator", "My Tasks", and others. The main part of the screen features a stylized map of the United Kingdom with key locations such as Glasgow, Leeds, and Cardiff highlighted. Overlaying the map are various business functions like "Corporate Governance", "Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality", "Human Resources", and more, suggesting a comprehensive business management system structure. The overall design implies a tool that integrates different business aspects into a centralised system for streamlined operations.

How Agility can benefit your SME

Simplify, integrate, and elevate.

Help maintain compliance

Improve workforce productivity

Mitigate costly risks and mistakes

Reduce operational costs

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Melissa E.
Mechanical Engineering
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Process Maps are a much simpler way to show our processes and for others to understand how they fit in to that process, giving clear roles and responsibilities. Great tool for new starters too.
Sallyann H.
Railroad Manufacturer
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Agility is reliable, control's our documents using manual and automatic workflows. Ensure that we meet out ISO:9001 obligations. Auditors are very impressed with the system.
Geraldine H.
Oil & Energy
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My team and I like Agility application. We have to listen to our Leadership and end users, so it is important Agility evolve to align with different company requirements.
Devik S.
Oil & Energy
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Agility system is easy to use, maintain and administrate. We use it as our compliance system to make sure all procedures are published, available and ready to be used for our employees when needed both onshore and offshore
The image is a screenshot of a web-based Integrated Management System (IMS) interface named "Agility System". On the left side is a menu titled 'Compliance Navigator' with a list of compliance standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and GDPR Compliance, among others. The main section displays a flowchart with the heading 'Corporate – Health, Safety, Environment & Quality'. It outlines various components such as 'Leadership, Targets & Objectives', 'Risk Assessment & Management', and 'Stakeholder Engagement'. Other areas include 'People & Competence', 'Regulations & Standards Compliance', and 'Audit & Incident Management', each depicted with overlapping coloured waveforms on individual blocks. This visual representation seems to organise the elements of corporate governance into a structured format for ease of understanding and access.

Simplify your operations

Stop relying on multiple costly tools

Eliminate the need for multiple tools by integrating key business processes — documents, processes, compliance and risks —into one integrated platform. Streamline your processes, save time, and reduce errors with our comprehensive solution.

Accelerate growth

Designed to support ambitious SMEs

All your essential business metrics are accessible to your workforce in one system, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly. Enhance productivity and efficiency across your business, allowing more time to focus on strategic growth.

The image displays a digital interface from the "Agility System" software, illustrating a global business model. It features a stylised map that highlights key locations such as Houston, London, and Paris, which are marked with circles. The left side of the screen has a sidebar with options like "Business Navigator", "Compliance Navigator", "My Tasks", and others, indicating different sections of the software. Across the bottom of the map, there are tabs labelled "Human Resources", "Asset Management", "IT & Security", "Supply Chain Management", and "Finance", suggesting areas of business operations covered by the system. Additionally, the terms "Vision", "Organisation Structure", and "Corporate Governance - Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality" are overlaid on the map, denoting key components of strategic management within the system. The interface seems designed to manage and integrate various aspects of a multinational corporation's operations.

Scale with ease

A solution that grows with your business

Our platform grows with you, offering a scalable solution that matches your business’s evolving needs. Enjoy customisable features and intuitive navigation designed specifically for growing SMEs, ensuring that your business not only copes but thrives.

Who we are

25+ Years of management system software expertise

The Agility™ System was created to simplify the complexity of the management system, increase efficient working, reduce cost and provide a line of sight from policy to process.

Continued support

Business Analysts from our team are available to support and advise your organisation.

Ongoing employee training

We prioritise your team's training, allowing your organisation complete control to design the system and create processes.

Join 250k users succeeding with the Agility System

Process-based approach

Designed to quickly reflect your organisation's business model and end-to-end process overviews.

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