Risk Control

Agility System contains the key steps to provide an effective risk management process that will minimise risk across all processes.

The visual swim lane process maps contain an integrated risk control feature, (complying with ISO 9001:2015) highlighting within the process what action to mitigate the effects is required to be performed by the discipline(s).

The integrated risk control feature within the process map provides the disciplines with a high level of visibility and awareness of `who does what where and when`.   

The risk management component is a powerful tool where the user has visbility of where risk lies within a business process; with this level of awareness and clarity the mitigation of risk is more likely to take place.

In any Business Assurance or Governance Framework there is a need to highlight risks and compliance related to the core business processes.

Business Port Agility System


■ Identifies the risk

■ Analyses the risk

■ Evaluates the risk

■ Controls the risk

■ Monitors and Reviews the risk

Business Port Agility System


Identify risks to relevant step within the process map

Create and manage Risk Controls and matrices

Highlight risks not previously apparent in normal operation

Protect employees by highlighting mitigation activity

Identify potential problems before they negatively impact the company