Process Automation

Our Process Automation software enables companies to save time and reduce costs by removing inefficient work practices, paper handling and duplication.  Process Automation has proved to provide a rich source of Continuous Improvement.

Manually generated alerts, paper forms, and can be replaced with automated controls that integrate processes and functions throughout the organization into a more easily managed inter-linked system.

Automation allows processes to be compliant with regulatory demands and where risk has been identified within the process, mitigating factors can be introduced to remove risk.

If your Quality Management System or Document Management System requires restructuring, the functionality of the Agility Workflow will support linking to external information, creating performance dashboards and generating automated processes.

With the coronavirus forcing more businesses to introduce digital processes, the need for faster and more agile tools becomes more important in sustaining a competitive advantage.

Process automation software gives any company the means to increase efficiency and lower costs.  This can help to transform and empower businesses to reach desired goals sooner.


■ Flexible and fast integration and deployment

■ User friendly interfaces

■ Remote access via mobile technology

■ Cross platform compatibility

Built in tool for analytics and reporting


Optimise processes to remove duplication & poor work practises

Automate repeatable work practices: save time & resources

View real-time statistics on performance to aid decision-making

Reduce menial, human-centric tasks that are repetitive and time consuming

Improve operational visibility to promote continuous improvement

Remove human error and deliver to a consistent standard

Enhance employee accountability, lower risks

Constantly meet compliance obligations across all standards & regulations