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Bethell Construction Group continues to lead construction and utility services by implementing the Agility System

Bethell Group has continued their commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence by approving the installation of the Agility System software created by BusinessPort to design and create an integrated management system.


The privately-owned construction and utility services company provide their clients with economical solutions that cover the civil engineering and multi-utility sectors. They join a host of organisations operating in highly regulated and safety-critical industries that have chosen the Agility System to help support their business requirements.


The Agility System combines powerful elements to control Processes, Documents, Risk & Compliance accessed through an integrated Business Management System to drive performance while maintaining compliance with all regulations and standards.


With Business Modelling capability to graphically reflect the organisation’s Business, Value Chain, Product Delivery & Compliance Models, the management system provides the workforce with a clear line of sight from Strategy to Task.


Peter Shields, Managing Director, BusinessPort, said: “I am delighted that Bethell Group will become a new client of ours, having chosen to award us the contract to install the Agility System.”


“Not only will we help design, create, and install an entirely integrated management system to support their organisation in its future strategic growth but our experienced business analysts will also ensure their workforce is extensively trained on their new system in a matter of days. We want Bethell Group to feel completely assured of our capabilities during this project.”

A photo of the Bethell Construction head office.
Bethell Group is one of the UK's leading privately-owned construction and utility services companies.

Commenting on the new partnership, Victoria Derbyshire, Quality & Compliance Manager, Bethell Group, said: “We are going for a significant and substantial upgrade of our existing systems and processes to help guide our people into efficient, safe and cost-effective work practices, and help them understand their individual roles and responsibilities.”


“The Agility System implementation will enable our people to access a centralised and flexible document repository, streamline processes, effectively manage all documentation, highlight potential risks and maintain compliance effectively.”


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