How NEO Energy streamlined
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NEO Energy's Implementation of the Agility System

NEO Energy, a nascent entrant in the UK’s Oil and Gas industry, encountered significant challenges in managing and accessing essential documentation for its operated and non-operated assets.

Client Introduction: NEO Energy emerged in 2019 as a fresh player in the Oil and Gas Production sector. Armed with operated and non-operated assets, this UK-based enterprise sought to carve its niche in a heavily regulated industry where compliance, safety, and environmental concerns are paramount.


The Issue at Hand: The absence of an effective BMS posed considerable risks for NEO Energy. They required a comprehensive system to manage, maintain, and streamline access to their burgeoning documentation, while also articulating business processes comprehensively for internal stakeholders.

NEO Energy


United Kingdom

Company Size

250+ employees



Compliance Frameworks

Multiple ISO standards

The Challenge

NEO Energy’s infancy in 2019 was accompanied by distinct challenges:


Document Management: As they took ownership of their primary operated asset, the task of holding, maintaining, and facilitating access to associated documentation became paramount.


Business Process Communication: NEO Energy had the vision to convey its business processes across the organisation seamlessly in order to help facilitate business operations.


Compliance: Being part of the closely monitored Oil and Gas production realm, it was critical for NEO Energy to not only adhere to regulations and standards but also to demonstrate this adherence unequivocally.


Scalability: NEO Energy’s ambitious growth plans necessitated a business management system that was both robust and adaptive, ensuring it could evolve with the company’s expansion.

The Solution

Recognising the multi-faceted challenges, BusinessPort initiated its collaboration with NEO Energy through a comprehensive Discovery exercise, which focused on:


Business Model Design: This entailed creating a high-level visual representation of NEO Energy’s operations, laying the foundation for system navigation.


Graphical Model Integration: BusinessPort developed various graphical models to portray diverse business aspects, enhancing the system’s navigational intuitiveness.


System Configuration Specification: A meticulous definition of system metadata, content lifecycle, and other technicalities was formulated.


The Agility System was constructed and aligned to the specifications following this meticulous groundwork. Key personnel were identified and adequately trained as administrators to both construct and populate the system.

Results and Impact

The partnership between NEO Energy and BusinessPort has borne considerable fruit. Utilising the Agility System, NEO Energy successfully rolled out its NMS in 2019. Since then it has gone on to achieve:


Adaptability: As NEO Energy’s business landscape evolved, the Agility System demonstrated its inherent adaptability, with BusinessPort extending support to modify the system to cater to both existing and anticipated needs.


Enhanced Compliance and Efficiency: With streamlined processes and easily accessible documentation, NEO Energy fortified its compliance mechanisms, reducing potential risks.


In summary, the introduction of the Agility System has provided NEO Energy with a strategic tool, fostering business growth, ensuring regulatory adherence, and promoting organisational efficiency.

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