Transferring your legacy documents, data and `know how` from your existing legacy system into Agility is simple, and with our support you can save many resource hours, creating a smooth transition to the new system.

While document validation is advised before the transfer, our technical team are skilled at extracting your artefacts and place them in the correct location within the Agility System.

Our team will liaise with your internal IT to plan the detail required to seamlessly transfer your data to the Agility System. Whether your content is stored in a central database or spread over the organisation in fragmented document silos, we have years of experience to transfer your content using a 'lift and shift' exercise.


We assist you in the planning process to ensure the new structure within Agility provides users with quick access to content due to improved visibility on the Document Navigator.

While most migration projects are relatively straightforward exercises, our IT team recently transferred over 50,000 artefacts from 9 different locations into our Agility System document management repository, on time/on budget.

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