Management System Health Checks

The Health Check is an assessment of the key elements of the management system to ensure all features and functionality are operating as planned; needless to say this exercise is not an audit.

The aim is to identify any inconsistencies and irregularities that are affecting the efficiency of the system. Typically the main causes of an ineffective system are the combination of:

  • Inadequate navigation structure that obstructs access to relevant content  
  • Excessive numbers of text documents inherited from past management regimes
  • Failure to regularly review content results to identify obsolescence and duplication
  • Poor governance on document storage
  • Lack of ownership

Why the Health Check keeps you on track:

  • Provides a `sense check` on system performance and suggests remedial action
  • Allows for re-alignment of strategic objectives and alignment of processes
  • Confirms accuracy of Business/Delivery Models and Process Overviews
  • Validates organisational structure and key Roles & Responsibilities
  • Evaluates usage of document and compliance navigators
  • Reviews license model and administrator coverage

A thorough health check helps identify opportunities to improve the system for both the managers, administrators and general workforce.

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