Six game-changing benefits of a good business process management system

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The cornerstone of any good business is its people. But, providing your teams with the right tools to do their jobs correctly and efficiently is the key to getting the best out of your organisation’s workforce.


That’s why a well thought through and carefully constructed process-based Management System can reverse the fortunes of an under-performing company or, even if you have a brilliant core of individuals, elevate a successful business to become an industry leader.


Fundamental to all efficient businesses is the need for processes to be at the heart of operations.  Coordinating your people, their skills and capabilities, and their behaviour to drive the right business outcomes has a direct effect on organisational performance.


Here are six simple benefits your business can quickly achieve by implementing an effective process-based management system.

Better efficiency

An efficient business is a more sustainable, more profitable one that focuses on the business processes. This very quickly shines a light on areas where things can be improved and streamlined, or where duplicated processes can be eliminated.


By harmonising processes and developing ones that are more consistent, efficient and applicable across sectors and regions, you’ll be making sure your business is operating with the least amount of wasted effort, energy and resources possible.

Greater accuracy

Automation is one way businesses have sought to improve accuracy, and it’s certainly a proven way to minimise or eliminate human error. That said, process management doesn’t necessarily involve automation everywhere, with manual swim-lane process maps offering clear unambiguous guidance to all levels of the workforce and in many ways, maintaining levels of human interaction that has significant benefits of `who, does what, where and when`.

But either way, the objective is to eliminate errors by ensuring your automated processes or the people working in your organisation are guided by simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step illustrations, clearer documentation and easier navigation of every aspect of their role.  Without clarity, errors will happen.
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Transparency and trust

Trust between those leading an organisation, its colleagues, peers and customers is a key aspect of a well-run business. And few things foster trust like transparency, when everyone can see what everyone else’s role is, what their responsibilities are and how they’re carrying them out.


Business Management System (BMS) software provides a clear view of the processes, documents, risk controls and compliance requirements for all personnel together with their competencies, dependencies and expertise to successfully clarify the individual and collective responsibilities of the workforce.

Ease of access to information

Getting access to new and existing knowledge can be a challenge, especially in complex businesses with multiple areas, teams and sectors. With the traditional Document Management System structure being recognised as being unable to cater for today’s process, risk and compliance demands, a new model had to be designed and this is where the Agility System excels.

By giving people access to the right information at the right time and, importantly, making it available quickly and easily, businesses can migrate from the more outdated document-heavy approach leading to less wasted time, less wasted resources, and an increase in efficiency.

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Boardrooms in almost every sector recognise the importance of sustainability and being able to execute their strategic objectives to address its three core pillars: the economy, society, and the environment, or in other words people, profit and the planet.  Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term value by taking into consideration how a given organisation operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.


In simplistic terms the three pillars are as follows:


  • Environment: aimed at mitigating the man-made effects of climate change by conserving natural resources, substituting fossil fuels such as oil and coal with renewable energy alternatives, together with protecting the global environment and its ecosystems.
  • Economy: recognises that businesses must remain profitable however not at the cost of the society and the environment while Corporate Governance ensures the company has appropriate internal controls in place to protect stakeholders and those we work with.


  • Society: supports the need for healthy communities, better living conditions, fair wages, safe working conditions and removing the poverty levels that the imbalance of extreme wealth has created.


Changing the operating models to reflect the organisations sustainability strategy can be driven into each level of the organisation in an aligned manner, in effect, from senior management to the service desk/production floor.

A more agile organisation

Business agility enables the organisation to react to change quickly in response to market deviations. The core requirements of an agile organisation is operational flexibility and ability to optimise processes to respond quickly to change. 


Fragmented spreadsheets stored in multiple folders may be the preferred choice of many, however for a more efficient document structure, the Process-based Management System is the ideal platform to provide guidance to the workforce on their responsibilities and the best work practises to be adopted.


When it comes to changing your business, and implementing improvements quickly and properly, you need to have an organisation that’s ready to do that. In short, Business agility is the ability for an organisation to:


  • Adapt quickly to market changes
  • Show flexibly to customer demands
  • Creating improvement without reducing product quality

The Agility System works with a range of organisations to help optimise processes and strengthen compliance. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your business build better foundations today.

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