Incident Management

Supporting Enterprise Risk Management, the Incident Management module provides complete visibility and reporting ability for all incidents, accidents and near misses that occur across the organisation.

The module is designed to support the investigative process that follows an incident, claims management and on-going analysis of incidents and frequency rates.

Business Port Agility System


Effective accident and incident management reports to reduce incident costs, claims and disruption

Report incident / accident / near miss via an automated process guiding users through each stage

Deliver instant and automatic reporting via mobile apps (tablets & smart phones) allowing data to be collected in remote locations from any device anywhere

Receive instant information of organisation wide incidents via tailored dashboards

The reporting feature identifies trends and proactively mitigates against re-occurrences

Business Port Agility System


Reduce costs of information gathering using mobile technology

Improve action tracking and incident prevention with instant recording

Easily evaluate and compare incident data

Increase efficiency to save time & resources

Improve communication across the organisation through highlighting incidents to the responsible person(s)