GDPR Data Administration

The ongoing management of GDPR compliance requires many administrative tasks such as updating spreadsheets, addressing emails and answering requests within agreed timeframes.

As these activities can be sporadic, they could tie-up internal resources who have other ‘day job’ responsibilities. The Agility™ GDPR software centralises all actions necessary to control activities and provides the capability to map, visualise and manage the processing of personal data efficiently.  Why?  We simplify the process and offer less wasted resource time to make administration of GDPR easier and less stressful.


Process Workflow guides users to consistent approach

Guides DPO’s and DPA’s through a Process Workflow to ensure full compliance with regulations through a consistent approach

Performance is measured with KPI dashboards to assist decision making

Full auditability of every interaction


Reduced complexity with centralised control of all GDPR actions

Simplifying the ongoing management of the regulation 

Eliminate dependence on spreadsheets & random folders

Transparency of process increases awareness of role & responsibilities

Assists with maintaining multi standard compliance (ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001 etc...)