How Flowbird achieved consistency between their operations


Flowbird design solutions to make individual travel simpler, safer and faster, while collectively maximizing efficiency and harmonizing flows. Their software enables users to switch easily and securely from one mode of transportation to another thanks to the evolution of payment methods. Flowbird also helps cities and territories to use different modes of travel and make them easy to use for residents and visitors alike.

The Challenge

Due to rapid business growth, and their ambitions for the future, Flowbird sought a Management System to drive consistency of process and harmonisation between their British and French operations. 


Due to the growth of the business, older manual processes were at risk of breaking down. To increase efficiency, maximize profitability and drive future growth of the business, Flowbird recognized the need for robust, easy to understand, auditable processes to be applied. Due to differences in legal requirements and cultural differences, it was recognised that some different processes would be needed in the UK and France – but where differences could not be justified, the processes should be structured to apply to all regions and sites.

The Solution

Due to the different languages, harmonised process and documents would need to be maintained in English and French versions. Working with key internal stakeholders, BusinessPort designed a system architecture to facilitate different language versions of the same content, with a defined review and approval process to ensure processes and crucial documents are maintained in parallel.


BusinessPort conducted a Discovery Exercise to design the end-user navigation of the system, identify the existing documentation, and define what would need to be created. The leadership shown by the CEO was impressive when he took a deep interest in the design of the user-interface, recognising that the new Management System was crucial to the strategic plans.


Following the sign-off and configuration of their system, BusinessPort Analysts facilitated process mapping workshops for key value-chain processes to replace site-specific processes with generic processes that reduced duplication and simplified the guidance required by the workforce in both the UK and France.


Our flagship Agility system was installed to provide several capabilities:


  • Increase understanding of work methods across all departments and disciplines
  • Knowledge sharing across departments through adopting ‘lean’ principles
  • Introduce Process as opposed to Procedure where practical
  • Provide ability to harmonise processes across countries
  • Provide greater visibility of Compliance obligations
  • Offer quicker access and understanding of management system content

The system is designed to drive performance through ‘best practise’ and ensures compliance with current ISO and industry standards by integrating these into the system, such as:


  • Industry-specific ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001: 2015 Environment
  • ISO 45001

The Benefits

The implementation of the Management System centralised the control of documents where they were previously stored in random folders. This saved space on the networks, simplified the complexity of fragmented storage and provided clarity of what is approved and applicable by removing redundant / irrelevant documents. Existing processes were revised to provide more robust control and where gaps were found, new processes were generated via the process mapping tool integrated within Agility.


With the creation of Anglo-French processes to manage and administer the system, communications between the UK and French parts of the business were improved. With improved accountability, meaningful internal audits could now be completed. With clarity over roles and responsibilities delivered through the new Management System, the correct ways of working are clear and internal audits can be conducted to monitor compliance. The Agility system has been designed for scalability and continues to be expanded through the organisation as Flowbird drive the value of the process-based approach.

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