Document Management

Agility’s fully automated Document Management module provides a clear framework that provides a more consistent, secure approach to the document life-cycle.

The Agility System’s Document Management feature captures, manages, shares and secures information within the company.

Centralised control removes the chaos of folder structures and fragmented document repositories by providing a robust and secure repository for all documents.

Our Document Manager utilises full document lifecycle and allows trained in-house Administrators to automate the creation of each document, configure a sequence of notifications approvers, reviewers and determine document archiving.


Document check in / check out

Multiple Document review & comment

Indexing & version control

Bulk document transfer

Hit counters to evaluate document stage

Electronic signature


Central repository of all documents / artefacts

Safeguarding documents protected by daily back-ups

Indexing with metadata provides quick retrieval with key words

Secure sharing promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing

records management

Well managed records are a foundation for good governance. They serve both to document the policies, transactions and activities of organisations and to provide a trusted source of information to support decision-making and accountability by providing accurate and reliable evidence of actions and transactions.

Maintaining records on a daily basis is part of an organisations administrative, operational and commercial activities.  Records creation and subsequent destruction must be viewed as business critical with secure storage for as long as required.

This module provides a simple though robust process to index and store records in accordance with document criticality of statutory / regulatory obligations. Additionally records that have archival or historical value in the future also require storing.


Capture and Creation of all records

Management and Maintenance of records

Search, Access and Retrieval of records

Retention and Disposal of records

Record Encryption


Improved compliance with statutory and regulatory records

Secure storage of company intellectual property

Single source of company records retention

Improved access to records in response to audit and regulatory enquiries

Improved cost-efficiency (paper to electronic files)