Company Overview

Agility™ System helps your people deliver their work tasks efficiently, safely and compliantly

The Agility™ System software has one simple mission: to simplify the complexity of the management system to increase efficient working and reduce costs.

BusinessPort was founded in 1996 by Peter Shields after over 20 years experience working in the energy sector as a Quality Engineer.  Peter noted that the QHSE system documents were stored in fragmented silos and that the business processes were departmentally driven and not centralised.  

To rectify the problem, Peter designed Integrated Management System software that encompassed not only QHSE content but the core and supporting business processes of the business.

The Agility™ System has been providing global and medium-sized organisations who operate in highly regulated, safety critical sectors to optimise process to increase performance, securing documents while strengthening regulatory compliance.

Photo of Pete for Management Team Page

"Simplicity, transparency and connectivity is key.  With increased competition and high levels of regulation, optimising the business processes to increase efficiency remains the priority.

The software's unique design combines processes, documents, risks and compliance within an integrated model designed to guide the workforce into delivering their activities effectively, safely and compliantly."

Peter Shields, Managing Director, Agility System

Our People and Culture

We constantly search for better ways of working and treat our staff with the upmost respect.  We pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion.  Our management team are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and 'bright ideas' that brings the best out of our people who thrive in a creative environment.

Compliance First

We invest in ensuring our people understand the compliance landscape and translate developments into our software to simplify and support clients.

Customer Focused

As our client history shows, we prioritise their needs and have delivered our bespoke solutions over the past 24 years.