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The Process Based Management System is the Future of Compliance and Efficiency

By Billy / February 22, 2020

From Legacy Management Systems to Process Based Management System The structure of the traditional business management system invariably consists of many text-based procedures . . . so many, in fact, that it’s not unknown for the workforce to ignore them wherever possible! Part of this reluctance to use them is perhaps a function of their…

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The Swim Lane Diagram for Process Improvement: Key Benefits

By Billy / February 13, 2020

You have business processes in place. You know they exist, else you would get little done. But you want to get a higher level understanding of your processes. You may wonder if your process are as smooth as they can be, as efficient as they can be and if they are helping or hindering overall…

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An Introduction to Process Automation

By Daniel / December 5, 2019

An Introduction to Process Automation An earlier blog questioned why the structure of the traditional management system has changed little in the past 30 years, if at all. However, the recent revisions to the ISO standards for quality and the environment have forced a re-think on document repositories and how these are presented to users;…

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Integrating Business Process Management (BPM) with Business Management Systems (BMS)

By Billy / November 19, 2019

Integrating Business Process Management (BPM) with Business Management Systems The structure of the standard management system has changed little in the past 30 years. However recent revisions to the ISO standards for quality and the environment have forced a re-think on the structure of the document repository, leading to a paradigm shift in thinking towards…

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Three Essentials for the modern Quality, QHSE, ISO or Process Improvement Professional

By Billy / November 14, 2019

With experience of creating Process-based Management Systems with organisations such as Siemens, Babcock International, Interserve and Total to name a few, I have realised that there are three key fundamental facts that should be considered by all Quality, QHSE, ISO Compliance or Process Improvement Professionals who are embarking on this journey. Recognise this…? Are you…

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What is Continuous Process Improvement?

By Billy / October 18, 2019

Many managers who find themselves in positions that require an understanding of the phrase “Continuous Process Improvement” shrink at the thought of becoming involved in a world inhabited by a “brain the size of a planet” scientist type analyst whose very tool-set is disturbingly strange. Rest easy if a small lightbulb was switched on there;…

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Agility Systems – Integrated QHSE Management Systems and Standards

By Billy / September 16, 2019

Integrated QHSE Management Systems and Standards Most companies nowadays have some sort of Management System; the most common of which will probably be a Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. You may also have a Health and Safety System to ensure compliance with legislation and OHSAS 18001 in addition to an…

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Agility Systems – The Engine at the Heart of Operational Excellence

By Billy / August 27, 2019

Definition of Operational Excellence Operational Excellence is defined as the effective management of operations, process safety, personal health & safety, asset integrity, plant reliability and costs in a manner commensurate with achieving and maintaining world-class performance on a sustainable basis. Key Elements in the Drive for Operational Excellence The framework for achieving Operational Excellence is…

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BusinessPort completes installation at John Crane

By Daniel / July 25, 2018

BusinessPort have completed the installation and configuration of the Agility System for John Crane who are one of the world’s leading providers of engineered technology. Suppliers of products in process industries for their mission critical operations – many of which involve extremely challenging conditions, John Crane have an outstanding reputation for designing and engineering high…

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BusinessPort secure new contracts in Nuclear and Manufacturing Sectors

By Daniel / January 20, 2018

BusinessPort have been awarded a number of key contract wins and substantial interest is continuing to be shown towards the Agility System, particularly from the Nuclear and Manufacturing sectors. Our clients recognise that transforming from their traditional document approach to a process based management system increases visibility of individual responsibilities, risks within process and compliance…

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