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Latest News

Welcome to the New Normal

By Daniel / May 11, 2020

What does the ‘New Norm’ mean to delivering Process Performance? The need to comply with rules and regulations remains as strong as ever, even though the coronavirus lockdown rules may be slightly relaxed. Our home working arrangement has been successful and like many businesses, we are prepared for the long haul as this `new normal`…

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When People are not Priority

By Daniel / July 25, 2019

The system that stores the rules, regulations and work practices recommended to be followed by all employees is often so cumbersome and complicated that it makes a mockery of the phrase ‘people are our greatest asset’. While other disciplines benefit from technology solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to support smarter working and…

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BusinessPort Q1 2019 Update

By Daniel / February 1, 2019

Agility System Improvements: The regular improvements to the Agility System software continues with our twice yearly Client Forum which is enthusiastically attended by clients. These sessions provide a rich source of highly valuable feedback on system performance that are reviewed by our Change Board and on selection, are then included in the forthcoming Strategic Plan. …

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GDPR Product Launch

By Daniel / August 21, 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new product, Agility GDPR, that reduces the ongoing maintenance of regulation to save time, effort and costs. We have also addressed the problem of what happens once the consultants have left the building! By removing the headache of multiple spreadsheets and fragmented emails, the system centralises…

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BusinessPort completes installation at John Crane

By Daniel / July 25, 2018

BusinessPort have completed the installation and configuration of the Agility System for John Crane who are one of the world’s leading providers of engineered technology. Suppliers of products in process industries for their mission critical operations – many of which involve extremely challenging conditions, John Crane have an outstanding reputation for designing and engineering high…

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BusinessPort secure new contracts in Nuclear and Manufacturing Sectors

By Daniel / January 20, 2018

BusinessPort have been awarded a number of key contract wins and substantial interest is continuing to be shown towards the Agility System, particularly from the Nuclear and Manufacturing sectors. Our clients recognise that transforming from their traditional document approach to a process based management system increases visibility of individual responsibilities, risks within process and compliance…

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NAMRC Feature – Agility System at NIS Ltd

By Billy / January 15, 2018

Following the recent successful installation of the Agility System at NIS, we are proud to have been featured in issue 26 of the NAMRC publication. Integrated engineering specialist NIS Ltd is transforming its business with support from the Civil Nuclear Sharing in Growth programme. Based in Chorley, Lancashire, NIS was founded in 1983 to provide…

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